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Spin-on Filter[Realston Ind Co.,Ltd.]

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Spin-on Filter[Realston Ind Co.,Ltd.]


Realston have processed manufacture of spin-on type filters from estabilishment to friendly factory.
We started to produce spin-on filters with half-automatic assemble line near main office from 2008.
Realston filter pursue quality. Price is comparable with quality.
Our production capacity is 250,000pcs monthly.
Production Facilities is equipped by ISO9001 standard and was appointed as clean factory.
Stationary screw tapping machine - a right angle degree for bottom-plate.
150KV AC welded and 30KV condensor welded machine-seaming cap and bottom-plate.
Silk print machine and dry conveyer is printed clearly for housing.
Auto and manual seaming machine is possible to produce many items and small quantity.
Like this Realston pursue customers' request in quality and price.

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