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Gasket Kits and Component[Realston Ind Co.,Ltd.]


Realston pursue to make premium quality gasket kits and components.
we supply quality gaskets in aftermarket based on our adaptable and innovative design philosophy.
Realston Gasket and seal products cover the whole range of Korean cars.
all products are manufactured to satisfy the OE standards under international standard certificate(ISO9001).
To ensure a perfect seal all the time, Realston gaskets are made of premium materials and our latest line of gaskets features the most recent high tech multi-layer design.
The best products combined with the best prices and excellent services are our mission.

Overhead Full gasket
we are assembled by OE components as customer's request.
components are Cylinder head gasket, Head cover gasket and secondary gasket.
they are packed by plated carton box.
if you guarantee regular quantity, we can supply gasket kits with customer brand.

Cylinder head gasket
we produce to use premium material about this.
non-asbestos gasket and graphite is used Material paper(Interface, Alstrom) imported from U.S.A
latest car head gasket is used by steel material.
all cylinder head gaskets are packed with strong and clean film by automatic skin-pack machine.

Cylinder head cover gasket
this product is used by rubber material (NBR, Silicon)
product coverage is all Korean cars.
we want to develop anything for customer's demands.

Secondary gasket and oil seal
same as cylinder head gasket, we use premium material about this.
Oil seals are used by POS or KOS as customer's request.

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